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Atelier Contakos curates exhibitions of living artists working in traditional photographic processes, engraved prints and artists books.


Kate Elena Contakos

Kate Contakos is a trained librarian who has worked in the field of preservation and conservation for the past fifteen years.  Her focus on preserving the art of the book includes an emphasis on the book as a material object as well as a container of information.

She has held librarian positions at New York University; the Beinecke Library, Yale University; University College London; Stanford University, and the Harry Ransom Center, UT Austin.  In 2014 she founded her own consulting company and advises libraries, museums, artists, and private collectors on a variety of projects large and small, and in 2016, she launched Atelier Contakos. The atelier allows Kate to curate exhibitions of living artist in a variety of non-traditional spaces such as temporary pop-up galleries, salons in lofts, and site-specific installations.