Contes Zagawa

Contes Zagawa

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Mutel, Didier. Contes Zagawa. Paris: Didier Mutel, 1989. First Edition. 12 leaves; 4 illustrations. 28 x 38 cm. Contes Zagawa is Mutel’s first book, an experimental work in different techniques of etching such as aqua fortis, dry point, aquatint. The cover is lightly embossed. Printed on watermarked École Estienne paper. No colophon, perhaps 20 copies printed.

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Didier Mutel

Didier Mutel

engraver, printer, and book artist

Since 1989, the French engraver, printer, and book artist DIDIER MUTEL has created more than 40 works, including artist books, prints, engravings, atlases, and sculptures.

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