Touba New York

Touba New York

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Bogardus, Peter. Touba New York. New York: Khelcom New York, 2004. 50.5 cm. (6), 21, (1) pp. Limited edition of 45 signed and numbered copies printed on Kumohadamashi paper.  33 photographs printed from copper plates as photogravures by Peter Bogardus. Calligraphic text in Arabic and English by Cherif Assane Fall, with woodblocks carved by Peter Bogardus and Cherif Assane Fall, and printed by Takuji Hamanaka.  Cream-colored cloth boards, with paper label to the front board, housed in matching clamshell box by Gray Parrot.

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Peter Bogardus

Peter Bogardus


Peter Bogardus is a photographer, printer, and book artist best known for his images documenting spiritual pilgrimages. He shoots predominantly with a large format film camera and prints his images from etched copper plates as photogravures. He produces his work in his studio in New York under his own imprint, Khelcom New York.

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