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​Photographed from the window of a slow moving train on a journey across China, Peter Bogardus’s latest body of work is a meditation on the passage of time and of the persistence of memory.  The prints are pulled from copperplates whose atmospheric imperfections reveal a mystical landscape encountered on the way to Dunhuang in the Gansu Province of China. The exhibition consists of 13 photogravure images printed on kumohadamashi paper with hand-mixed color pigments and mounted onto handmade wooden panels.

Peter Bogardus is a photographer, printer, and book artist best known for his images documenting spiritual pilgrimages. He shoots predominantly with a large format film camera and prints his images from etched copper plates as photogravures. He produces his work in his studio in New York under his own imprint, Khelcom New York. He is a 2012 recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship Award for Photography. ​

This exhibition is presented by Atelier Contakos at Corden|Potts Gallery.

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